Security Turnstiles

Security turnstiles are a good addition to any corporate or private facility. Turnstiles offer the ability to let people through one at a time which makes it a lot easy to track who is coming in and out of your facility. Turnstiles are perfect for membership clubs or a fitness gyms where you need a card to gain access. Without things such as turnstiles it is very easy for people to get into your facility even though they might not be entitled to . This is not only a security risk but it is also potentially losing your money as they should be paying for a membership.

We have a wide range of turnstile options for you to choose from. Each turnstile system offers some level of security but it just depends what type of security you need. If you are working in a facility which contains high value equipment and goods it is worth getting a turnstiles system with a high security grading. This will ensure you are as secure as possible and nobody will be coming into your facility without you knowing they are there and see them coming in. If you are part of a company like a gym you may only need simple turnstile options as you may just want to track who comes in and out and you won’t need the highest level of security.

We are able to incorporate our turnstile with technical aspects you may want to include. Popular technology incorporated with turnstiles are things like having a scanning system where people entering can scan a card or fob to open the turnstiles. This means you won’t have to manually let everyone in as this can be quite time consuming. Although people can get in without you manually allowing them to you still get the security aspect of people only being able to come in one at a time which makes it easier to track who coming in and also anyone without a card or fob who wants to come in must be manually let in.

Our turnstile range is of the highest quality and there is a turnstile style to suit any facility and person. For more information about our turnstile range please get in contact and we can talk you through all the possible options and find the perfect security turnstile solution for you.

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